Rush (adj.) Sudden and intense feeling of euphoria and pleasure.

About Us

Rush family
The Rush Crew

Rush Coffee is a genuine family business  –  founded in 2006 by Hayden and Emma Prujean and now including daughter Betsy and son-in-law Aaron.  We describe ourselves as a ‘boutique roastery’, dynamic, compact, consistent –  producing  exceptional coffee.  Check out the Our Coffees  page for more detailed blend descriptors and awards received .

Our Rush Espresso blend has won 5 gold medals so far in both local and international coffee competitions.  Here at Rush Coffee, we are proud of what we do!

FAQ: Home compostable bags


Our new HOME compostable bags!

After a very long journey over many years we are very proud to introduce our new home compostable packaging. We have searched the world to try and find the most environmentally friendly option currently available. We have settled on a home compostable option which is actually made right here in New Zealand. The bag is constructed using a corn starch inner layer, a cellulose layer made from wood pulp and an outer paper layer. (more…)

Fresh is best

If you’re a Rush Regular, you will know how important freshness is to us. Whether you’re ordering online, or buying your coffee through one of our many cafes or retailers, you can rest assured you are getting it as fresh as possible (sometimes even roasted that same day!). (more…)

Coffee at home: My Perfect Plunger

Everyone has their own special way of making their coffee and (much like “house rules” for games like Monopoly) I tend to feel that it is something personal. Also, as everyone has their own technique I have found people don’t generally take kindly to being told their method is “wrong”! This isn’t a “hard-and-fast” guide, if you find a way of brewing that works better for you then by all means – go for it! I have experimented thoroughly and below are the techniques that I prefer to use in my preparation at home. (more…)


With the new website launch, we anticipated a bit of confusion as everyone (ourselves included!) adapted to the change. I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions which should hopefully answer any queries you may have!