Rush (adj.) Sudden and intense feeling of euphoria and pleasure.

Change…is good!

November 11th, 2014

Welcome to the new-look Rush site! We hope you enjoy your stay and can find what you’re looking for. We plan on developing this into a one-stop shop, for everything coffee-related. Be they facts, news articles or just cute pictures that Betsy finds on the internet… Stay tuned and watch this space!

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When you first log in, you will need to re-enter your details, as the new site won’t know who you are (we’ll soon change this though, and you will become best buddies!).

In terms of ordering, it’s all pretty much the same. “Order” takes you through to the virtual Rush Market where you can select your choice of blend/grind from the comfort of your computer/mobile device. But wait – there’s more! If you’re time-poor, you can now save your order by clicking “make this my usual”! Next time you order, just press “order my usual” and it will be there waiting for you, at your convenience.

Instead of having to place multiple orders for various volumes/grinds of the same blend, our snazzy new site will allow you to order (virtually) any combination you can imagine. Neat, huh?

If you do have any queries, or you get stuck – help is just an email away ([email protected])!

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