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Our new HOME compostable bags!

December 22nd, 2020

After a very long journey over many years we are very proud to introduce our new home compostable packaging. We have searched the world to try and find the most environmentally friendly option currently available. We have settled on a home compostable option which is actually made right here in New Zealand. The bag is constructed using a corn starch inner layer, a cellulose layer made from wood pulp and an outer paper layer.

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There are many challenges in getting the perfectly engineered packaging solution for coffee. When coffee is freshly roasted, pressure builds inside the bean as CO2 is produced. Over the following days to weeks, the CO2 gas is slowly released, so the package needs to have a one-way valve which allows the air in the bag to be forced out and the CO2 to stay in the bag creating an inert atmosphere which prevents oxidisation (staling). In addition, the bag itself needs to provide a very high air barrier to prevent oxygen contacting the coffee. Tests show these Econic home compostable bags are not only better for the environment but also provide superior preservation for our coffee.

Can’t compost? Don’t worry! Just save up your bags and send them back to us. We will do the composting for you!


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