Rush (adj.) Sudden and intense feeling of euphoria and pleasure.

A little bit of an update…

April 20th, 2016

Things have been quiet on the social media front lately, so I thought I would take the time to fill you in on what’s been happening in Rush Land! We haven’t disappeared, honest! We have just been keeping ourselves quite busy, as you will no doubt see below! In addition to new medals, new babies and new vehicles, Hayden has just roasted his 100th Tonne… Which is only possible thanks to you fantastic people continuing to drink our coffee! We’ve just had to purchase a second roaster as demand is continuing to increase, which enables us to continue roasting coffee fresh every day and get it to you at its absolute best. Thanks for the continued support and for loving our coffee as much as we do!



Another Medal!

Hayden has done it again! At the recent Australian International Coffee awards he has managed to win us another medal. We picked up a Bronze medal in the Cappuccino, Milk Blend Category (bronze was the highest medal awarded to an NZ roaster across all categories). We are so incredibly proud to once again win recognition on an international level!

Our Rush Espresso blend has now won two international medals, which we think is pretty amazing for a boutique family operated roastery!




New Addition

Aaron, Betsy & Jack have welcomed a new tiny human into the world! Felix Tipping was born 24th January @ 5.57pm and has been keeping his dad, mum and brother exceptionally busy ever since! 12 weeks on and things are starting to normalize, although you may still spot bags under Aaron’s eyes as he delivers your weekly coffee fix!



New Signage

In addition to our trusty rushmobile, we now have a fantastic sign-written van! With ever-increasing volumes, the station wagon was not cutting it any more so it was time for an upgrade. With subtle branding like that, you won’t even see us coming!





That’s it for now, hopefully it won’t be so long between updates next time!


Betsy & Team Rush

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