Rush (adj.) Sudden and intense feeling of euphoria and pleasure.

Fresh is best

If you’re a Rush Regular, you will know how important freshness is to us. Whether you’re ordering online, or buying your coffee through one of our many cafes or retailers, you can rest assured you are getting it as fresh as possible (sometimes even roasted that same day!). (more…)

A little bit of an update…

Things have been quiet on the social media front lately, so I thought I would take the time to fill you in on what’s been happening in Rush Land! We haven’t disappeared, honest! We have just been keeping ourselves quite busy, as you will no doubt see below! In addition to new medals, new babies and new vehicles, Hayden has just roasted his 100th Tonne… Which is only possible thanks to you fantastic people continuing to drink our coffee! We’ve just had to purchase a second roaster as demand is continuing to increase, which enables us to continue roasting coffee fresh every day and get it to you at its absolute best. Thanks for the continued support and for loving our coffee as much as we do!


Coffee at home: My Perfect Plunger

Everyone has their own special way of making their coffee and (much like “house rules” for games like Monopoly) I tend to feel that it is something personal. Also, as everyone has their own technique I have found people don’t generally take kindly to being told their method is “wrong”! This isn’t a “hard-and-fast” guide, if you find a way of brewing that works better for you then by all means – go for it! I have experimented thoroughly and below are the techniques that I prefer to use in my preparation at home. (more…)

Rush Coffee goes International

Escaping the winter chill? Now you can enjoy your favourite coffee as you relax in the sunshine!


A little bit o’ history

We’re a boutique roastery specialising in the creation of exceptional coffees at affordable prices. 
Coffee is absolutely our passion. In 2006 Hayden and Emma began transforming this passion utilising state-of-the-art technology and culminating in the birth of several unique Rush blends.


Change…is good!

Welcome to the new-look Rush site! We hope you enjoy your stay and can find what you’re looking for. We plan on developing this into a one-stop shop, for everything coffee-related. Be they facts, news articles or just cute pictures that Betsy finds on the internet… Stay tuned and watch this space! (more…)