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April 30th, 2015

With the new website launch, we anticipated a bit of confusion as everyone (ourselves included!) adapted to the change. I’ve compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions which should hopefully answer any queries you may have!

1. Why can’t I log in with my old account/password?

Because the new website is an entirely new platform (it’s had a complete upgrade all-round) we do not have any of your data stored from the old Rush Website. You will just need to create a new account by filling in your details/order and clicking the “Create an Account” check-box down the bottom left corner, then check out your order as normal. Once an account is created, you will be able to save your order (handy for repeat customers) and your credit card details (securely with PayStation) so the ordering process is a lot quicker! To change any of your details/view past orders simply click here.

2. I’ve already created an account – Why do I have to enter my details again?

If you have already selected “create an account” while checking out your order and one has not been created, please check that you did not close your internet browser too soon. If you closed the window before PayStation directed you back to our website, you may not have successfully created an account the first time round. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact [email protected].

3. Can somebody steal my credit card information?

All credit card details are stored on PayStation’s website via a “token”. We hold a preview of part of your credit card number (just to confirm you are paying with the correct card), but that is all. If you have any questions or queries involving security, you can read through our full Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy (if in doubt, there is no pressure to save details at all – it is entirely up to you!).

4. I keep getting “incorrect phone number” as an error message, but can’t see where to write my phone number.

This is generally due to using the “Auto-fill” function on your web browser. In some cases, you will find that your browser places your email address (visible twice) in the field for your Phone Number. We are working on resolving this issue and making it more obvious, however in the mean time it is a simple fix: Simply delete the second email address entered and replace it with your phone details.

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