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Fresh is best

July 4th, 2016

If you’re a Rush Regular, you will know how important freshness is to us. Whether you’re ordering online, or buying your coffee through one of our many cafes or retailers, you can rest assured you are getting it as fresh as possible (sometimes even roasted that same day!).

Date Labels

On the back of our coffee bags you will notice we always include the “roasted on” date. This is relatively unusual – you will find the majority of suppliers give a “Use By” date of 6-12 months (and sometimes longer) but no details of when the coffee you are about to consume was roasted. We give a “best before” date of 6 months across all blends, however over time the delicate flavour profiles and characteristics will fade. Coffee is at its absolute best between 2-14 days after it is roasted (the first two days allow it to degas). For this reason, we recommend consuming your coffee as quickly as possible and discourage buying in bulk.


Hayden & Aaron roast our coffee to order, which means we do not have large stockpiles sitting around. The roaster is operating every day and (as also mentioned in the previous update) we have just had to purchase a second 12kg roaster to keep up with demand! We manage all stock levels closely with our cafes and retailers,  to endeavour to to keep all coffee within 3-weeks of the roasted-on-date (coffee used in our cafes is kept within 2 weeks of the roast date).

How much should I order?

This totally depends on usage. As a rough guide, 1kg of coffee should yield 100 cups of coffee. This largely depends on method of brewing and whether you are brewing a single or double shot. If you are drinking 2 cups of coffee per day, you’d need to order 1x 200g bag weekly to ensure you do not run out. If there are a couple of you enjoying the brew, you’re probably best to look at ordering in 1kg lots. Not a huge consumer? It is much better to buy a 200g bag every few weeks, instead of 1kg that might last you over a month!


If you are financially able, the best way to ensure you get the freshest coffee possible is by purchasing a decent grinder. While we do grind coffee on-site, ideally it should be ground immediately before serving. Because of the wide range of brewing methods/home espresso set ups, we offer a generic grind and test the extraction on our in-house machine – this is perfectly fine and does still produce a very tasty cup of coffee… but you should get a much better result if you are grinding your own beans. The grind should be constantly tweaked depending on humidity, temperature and freshness of beans. NB: While we recommend grinding your own coffee, we do advise against using a generic spice grinder or other blade grinders . You are better to spend a bit extra and invest in a conical burr grinder as it will yield much better results.


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